Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Sorry-I've-Been-A-Neglecting-Beast Post

It's pretty ironic that my last post on this blog is dated almost exactly a month ago. The last time I clicked 'Publish Post', it was January 25 - the day of the beginning of the Egyptian uprising, a most exciting chapter of the ongoing Arab revolution that has made the world sit up and take notice, that made me start feverishly using Twitter in an effort to find out and be updated on just what was going on.

Ironically, the very reason I have been neglecting this blog for a while.

You see, when you are busy checking a social networking site every few seconds (BlackBerries are both a blessing and a curse), checking the TV, checking newspapers, the whole shebang, you tend to neglect other, lesser-seeming stuff. Such as blogging to a nonexistent audience. It's the bitter truth that I must confront myself with. Sorry.

Add to that high school end-of-term exams (several of which I botched, incidentally.) Add to that a sudden resurgence of my until-recently-dormant desire to write FICTION, and this blog has been poorly neglected indeed.

Those are the factors which have left this blog so silent, dank and forlorn-looking. The fact that the color scheme is black doesn't help much either.

So here is the inevitable question - whatever shall I write about on this blog next? Probably politics - the eruption that is going on next door (I'm in Saudi Arabia, one of the lucky people who can call the Middle East 'next door') is far too noisy, colorful and dangerous to ignore. Until then, fellas - @TheLogicker on Twitter is where I can most definitely (thanks to that darned Blackberry) be found.

Now, a month and a day after January 25, I shall click 'Publish Post'. A post that is about absolutely nothing.

I hope you enjoyed it. :)


  1. Well, at least we've learned that you're still among the physically alive! :grin:

  2. MR PARKER! How do you do??

    I am sorry to say you have been a casualty of the revolution effect as well :) Inshallah I'll be sending you a reply soon, though!

  3. No apology necessary. Probably most of us have been paying a lot of attention to the "revolutions" going on - and hoping and praying that the result won't be what has happened many times in the past. That is, we hope there won't be another dictatorship as bad as or worse than the former! Most of us (I believe) are taking delight in seeing people rising up to oppose injustice and tyranny.

    You've had a good bit more to deal with than just keeping up with the news, though. There's only so much a person can do. I'll look forward to your e-mail and further blog posts; but I'm not upset by the delay.

    Peace and blessing to you and your family.