Saturday, January 8, 2011

Hero of the Day: Marie Nemani

This is an article I came across on Reza Aslan's website (who deserves a Hero of the Day of his own, actually) by 13-year-old Muslim Australian Marie Nemani. She puts together a coherent, compelling and passionate argument proving the point that a Muslim can be an excellent member of any international community regardless of his nationality or race.

It's an argument that needs to be aired more and more in these days of accusations and finger-pointing towards Muslim minorities in non-Muslim countries. Yes, a Muslim can be a good Australian, a good American, a good German or Indonesian or Pakistani or whatever. Because Islam is not "just" for anyone. It is not a racial or nationalistic creed.

It is a truly international religion.



  1. It is an outstanding article but I would like to see your own commentary on why it deserves Hero of the Day.

  2. Otherwise it's not a blog...

  3. Thanks for the comment Anonymous, and you're right, I should! I'll be sure to do that with the next Hero of the Day.
    Do I know you in person, by the way? :P excuse the question, it's just that most of my readers are from my facebook and I would be curious - if that's not the case - to know where you found this blog from. :)