Saturday, October 9, 2010

On Intros and Greetings

To begin with:

Peace to you, whoever you are.

One thing I should make clear is that I have posted something on here before.
However, seeing it around six months later brought on a bout of embarrassment, and I decided to delete it. It was too immaturely excited. I am determined to begin my blogging experience properly; if it means I need to delete the REAL beginning then that means I will.

So much for trustworthy historical record!

In any case, I can't let everything that's on the Internet and in the world go unnoticed, undocumented, by myself and as I'm not disciplined enough to make myself type out a disgruntled Microsoft Word once in a while that'll never be seen by anyone else, I guess I'm going to make my foray a public one.

Or, rather, as public as one can get in one of many millions of blogs, among all these other people with the same intent I have. In this elusively enormous cyberspace.

Your question, reader, is WHY SHOULD I KEEP READING THIS?

I say, if you've read that far, you should keep going.


So my goals for this blog - what I'm going to write about, basically - is what I'm interested in, obviously. I'm a Muslim, interested in current affairs, political or otherwise, I enjoy reading (so you might find a nice and juicy scathing, sarcastic book review on here now and then) and you might just find me blogging about the latest Real Madrid game once in a while. My age is none of your business, nor is where I live, but I hope the quality of my thoughts transcends those common standards of gauging worth. (See? I can craft sentences, too! Whether they're good or not...)

Did I mention I want to write a ground-breaking novel?


Oh, I didn't realize it was already a memorized given for these pontificating blogger types. Pardon me.

Finally, I'm studying so this may not be frequented that much. But I can guarantee it: if I read/come across/see something that really deserves to be here, it'll be here. (If you can see the loopholes I've left for myself in that, good for you. if not, continue on oblivious, if you please.)

I shout out:



Is the world listening? *


* Ahem. Ignore that last philosophical part. I'm talking to myself.)

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